Stop Trafficking Of People Focuses On Preventative Awareness, Through Education.

Human Trafficking

When someone is forced, tricked or coerced, for the use of their body or their labour, for the purpose of exploitation and takes place with or without transportation.

debt bondage
Debt Bondage
child soldiers
Child Soldiers
forced labour
Forced Labour
Forced Begging
child trafficking
Child Trafficking

Here's why work in the
anti-human trafficking field
is important....

There are

hands tied
0 +
People trapped in slavery worldwide today.

over 5 of every 1000

people in the world are human trafficking victims

human infographic 600x600

1 in every 4

victims are children


How do we help in the fight against human trafficking?

We mobilise our presenters to be educators wherever they can by educating individuals big and small about the realities of Human Trafficking what it is, how to identify it and how to protect themselves against being a victim.

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Human Traffickers exploit vulnerabilities and poverty is a vulnerability that will always be exploited. In South Africa 18.9% of the population is in poverty, making job scams a tactic that Human Traffickers use to lure people in. You cannot trust everyone that simply hands you a job, that's why Prevention versus Cure exists. We investigate your job opportunity and make sure there are no red flags that could make it illegal.

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