Definition of Human Trafficking
(according to the UN)
Trafficking in Persons is the recruitment, transport, transfer, harbouring or receipt of a person by such means as threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud or deception, (of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person,) for the purpose of exploitation. Human Trafficking can include, but does not require movement/change of location.

It affects almost every country in the world,
as either an origin, a transit or a destination
country – or even a combination of all 3.

Human trafficking does not
discriminate – victims can be of any age,
gender, race or social standing.

Globally it is the fastest growing illegal
industry, with millions of people trapped and
exploited around the world today.


Supply and demand

Human Trafficking exists, because there is a demand for its supply.

Illegal child pornography exists because someone wants to see it. A pimp can force a girl to sell her body because someone is paying for it. Forced slave labour goes on, because we demand more of its products… products like chocolate, shrimps, coffee, toys, clothing and fabric; to name just a few. Be aware of the products and services you purchase to reduce the footprint of slave labour.

If you are still under the impression that this has nothing to do with you, please click on the following link: http://slaveryfootprint.org/ and discover how many slaves might be working for you.

Prevention Versus Cure

Are you in the process of applying for a job but something just doesn’t sit right? Have you been approached online with a ‘too good to be true’ opportunity? Or, are you planning a trip overseas and concerned about staying in HT hotspots? 

Prevention vs. Cure, an initiative of STOP, is a web-based vetting agency that exists to prevent human trafficking by identifying fake opportunities and scams. We will check out your plans for you, free of charge! We will also make sure that where you are travelling to is safe, warn you of potential Human Trafficking ‘hot spots’ and look into whether your employers and their job offer, are legitimate. Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure.

To make use of this excellent tool, simply go to: preventionversuscure.com and fill in a form!

About STOP


J.Wilkes | Chairperson

O.Nagan | Director

P.Okori | Director

C.Nel | Managing Director


C. NEL – Managing Director
R. MARAIS – Financial Director
T. DE KLERK – Chief Operations Officer


STOP Trafficking Of People NPC (STOP) exists to combat human trafficking.


STOP is a registered Non-Profit Christian Organization that aims to combat human trafficking through prevention. We do this by raising awareness, doing activism, supporting those on the front lines and running Prevention Versus Cure (Our online scam vetting agency).

In addition STOP endeavours to mobilize and empower individuals and communities to use the safety tools available to them; to get proper structures in place and to partner with other organizations in the field to ensure optimal efficiency in combatting slavery.



We seek to motivate decision-makers to act within their sphere of influence to assist in the eradication of human trafficking. This includes areas such as prostitution, exploitation, pornography, poverty and sexual abuse, which are all contributing factors.


We believe that equipping people of all ages with the correct knowledge and safety tools gives them the power to stay safe and to fight to prevent future victims from falling prey to human trafficking.


We work to identify and support victims and potential victims of human trafficking. This includes the support of shelters and drop-in centres. It also includes the efficient running of our online scam vetting platform, PvsC, which is a support tool.



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STOP is a Section 18A approved Organization – please contact us should you require a form.

Never doubt …

that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
– Margaret Mead

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