What is Preventative Awareness?

In the context of Human Trafficking, it is education and information provided in order to help prevent people, of all ages, from being tricked, forced or coerced into Human Trafficking.

Why Preventative Awareness?

Only 1-2% of victims ever escape or get saved from Human Trafficking. It is for this reason that we focus on Preventative Awareness. Prevention is better than cure.

How do we do Preventative Awareness?

STOP develops programmes and talks that are age appropriate, and we present these to school groups, parents, teachers, the SAPS, and any other groups that would have us.
We design and develop Social Media posts, including videos, in order to increase our reach and educate the public on this topic, as well as providing the public with tips and tools, to help them stay safe.
We run a scam vetting programme by the name of Prevention versus Cure. This is a free service to the public, where we investigate possible fake job offers, as well as other contractual offers (such as modelling contracts and sports contracts, etc.) and then report back to the enquirer with possible red flags. This is to help prevent people from being tricked and trapped.


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