Who are we?

STOP was established in 2008 and we are a registered Non-Profit                                                                                    Company, which is built on Biblical Principles. We exist to combat all aspects of                                                                  Human Trafficking through Preventative Awareness, Advocacy and Support.                                                                          Our core focus is Prevention through Education.

What is our vision?

STOP Trafficking Of People NPC exists to combat Human Trafficking.

What is our mission?

STOP is a registered Non-Profit Christian Organisation that aims to combat Human Trafficking through Preventative Awareness. We do this by raising awareness, doing activism, supporting those on the front lines and running Prevention versus Cure (Our online scam vetting agency).

In addition, STOP endeavours to mobilise and empower individuals, and communities, to use the safety tools available to them; to get proper structures in place and to partner with other organisations in the field to ensure optimal efficiency in combatting Modern-day Slavery.

Partners we work with:

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