Limpopo – STOP reaches out to treasures in Tzaneen

We had an outreach to the precious treasures on the streets of Tzaneen on the 3rd February. It was quite an interesting evening because the moment we climbed out of the car to chat to the girls and give them a few necessary items, men arrived and circled the girls asking us what we wanted. In a short time of 6 months all these girls have acquired pimps! In most cases it’s their boyfriends who are pimping them out. The girls were very careful and subdued whereas previously they were spontaneous and approachable. One of the groups we could approach because they did not have pimps and we had a good time with them and were able to pray for them. We invited them to One of our volunteers’ houses for tea and provisions and gave her number to them… So now we wait for a response from these girls, to see who is serious for help and who just wants handouts on the streets.

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